A Non-Profit Volunteer  Organization, 
Established in 1975 
to  Provide Food for Families in Crisis Situations.




History of SHARE

In 1975, a group of women founded Share, Inc. to provide food for families in crisis situations. During the first year Share was a small kitchen operation with available food stored in a family garage. Volunteers donated food, bagged groceries, and delivered items to needy families.

Due to the efforts of its faithful volunteers over the years, Share has grown to an office at a local church, a paid office administrator, and more than 35 volunteers.

Most of the food comes from food drives, donations from local churches, organizations, schools, and individuals. In addition meat, eggs, cheese, bread, and margarine are purchased. The deliveries have been evaluated nutritionally and are adjusted to the size of the family to provide three balanced meals for four to six days.


In 2016 we delivered food to 460 families, serving 1,637 people. We received 16,535 pounds of food donations. To date we have served over 106,700 people.

Here is a PDF version of our Brochure

2017 Christmas Grove Fundraiser

SHARE, Inc. is pleased to continue the Annual Christmas Grove event this year. The Sisters of St. Benedict started this seasonal tradition over 30 years ago. When the Sisters moved to Minnesota, they requested that Share continue the Christmas Grove portion of their legacy. 

Since the Monastery grounds are no longer available, Share continues the annual Christmas Grove tradition by moving the event to a different church each year. In 2013, SHARE held their first Christmas Grove event at Holy Family Catholic church. In 2014 it was held at the First Presbyterian Church. In 2015 it was held at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration, and in 2016 it was held at the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints at 373 15th Street in Ogden.  

This year the event will be held at the Valley View Baptist Church at 2712 North 400 East in North Ogden on the first Monday evening after Thanksgiving. The lighting ceremony will begin at 5:30 p.m. at which time the lights on the trees in the grove will be illuminated for the first time. The lights will continue to be turned on each evening between 5:00 and 10:00 p.m. through the month of December. This ceremony will include music, readings, and a listing of those honored and memorialized. Cookies and hot beverages will be available after the program.

Donating to Share through the Christmas Grove provides an opportunity for you to honor someone who is living, or remember someone who has passed away. For each donation made, a light will be dedicated to the person honored or memorialized.

This is an especially meaningful way to begin the Christmas Season and make a gift that honors and remembers the important people in your life, while enabling SHARE to continue to help those in need long after the Christmas season has passed. Donations may be mailed to SHARE, Inc at P.O. Box 892, Ogden, UT 84402 or you may call SHARE, Inc. mornings at 801-399-5046.


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