A Non-Profit Volunteer  Organization, 
Established in 1975 
to Provide Food for Families in Crisis Situations.





SHARE seeks to provide groceries to families in emergency need of food. Families may call the office directly for a delivery, or social service organizations and churches may call with referrals. The food deliveries are designed to provide three balanced meals per day for 4-6 days and are adjusted to the number in the household. It takes many different volunteer activities to make this work.

Drivers: Our volunteer drivers drive once a week or once every other week. They average about 2 deliveries a day, and if there are more than 3 or 4 deliveries, one of the back-up drivers is called to help out. This takes 1 to 2 hours per week.

They get the delivery sheets at the office sometime after 12 noon, and make the deliveries between 12:30 and 5 pm based on their own schedule. They pick up the appropriate number of pre-bagged groceries at the storage unit, add items from the refrigerator and freezer, and then take the groceries to the families in need.

All the drivers report that this is the best Share job. They get to see the families that Share helps and receive the thank yous and smiles of the adults and children. If you would like to participate in this rewarding experience by doing a ride-along with one of our volunteer drivers, please call our office at 801-399-5046 weekday mornings.

Baggers: Our three teams of volunteer baggers come into the storage unit once a week and pack bags with assorted non-perishable foods to replace those delivered during the previous days. This takes about 1 hour per week.

Stockers: We have several volunteer stockers responsible for keeping our distribution storage unit filled with the necessary food items for deliveries. They stock food from the other storage units and track the amount of food on hand to determine when additional food needs to be procured by the Warehouse Volunteers. This takes about 2 hours every two to four weeks.

Warehouse Volunteers: We have two or more volunteers who keep our storage units stocked with non-perishable food from USDA deliveries to the Joyce Hansen Food Bank, food donations, the LDS Bishop's Storehouse, and purchases. They also pick up purchases of perishable food items when needed. This takes a few hours every couple of weeks.

Officers and Trustees: Our volunteer officers and trustees meet quarterly to review our finances, deliveries, and food and funding availability.

As one of our volunteer drivers says, "This is my favorite volunteer organization. I seldom see the other volunteers who make this whole process work, but when I arrive at the storage unit, the non-perishable bags are ready to go and the refrigerators and freezers are stocked with the needed foods. Sometimes there are extra cookies or cakes to add to the deliveries. In the summer there may be fresh vegetables. And when I do cross paths with another volunteer, they are quick to lend a hand."

We rely on our wonderful cadre of volunteers to purchase, collect, stock, bag, and deliver the groceries we provide to needy families in Weber County. Once a year we honor them with a luncheon which allows them to meet and greet one another and see who else makes this organization work.

If you'd like to help, call or email our office.

Phone: 801.399.5046
Office Hours: M-F 8:00 am - 12:30 pm

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